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Severn Trent Water Section 104 Agreement

Severn Trent Water Section 104 Agreement: Understanding the Basics

If you`re planning to develop a new property or connection to the public sewer system in the Severn Trent Water area, you may need to enter into a Section 104 Agreement with the company.

But what is a Section 104 Agreement, and why is it important?

In simple terms, a Section 104 Agreement is a legal agreement between a developer and the water and sewerage company (in this case, Severn Trent Water) to ensure that the new sewer connection or public sewer system extension meets certain requirements and standards.

The agreement sets out the technical specifications of the sewer works, including the design, construction, and testing methods to be used. It ensures that the work is completed to a high standard and will be adopted by the water company once completed.

Why do you need a Section 104 Agreement?

Without a Section 104 Agreement, you won`t be able to connect your property to the public sewer system or extend the sewer network. This means that you won`t be able to discharge your wastewater into the public sewer, and you`ll need to find alternative solutions, such as installing a septic tank or cesspit.

In addition, if the sewer works fail to meet the technical specifications outlined in the agreement, Severn Trent Water won`t adopt the sewer connection or extension, leaving you responsible for maintaining and repairing it.

How do you apply for a Section 104 Agreement?

To apply for a Section 104 Agreement, you`ll need to contact Severn Trent Water and provide details of your proposed development or connection. This will include plans and specifications of the sewer works and information on when you plan to begin construction.

Once your application is received, Severn Trent Water will review the plans and arrange for an inspection of the site. They will then issue a quotation for the cost of adopting the sewer works and enter into a Section 104 Agreement with you.

It`s important to note that the cost of entering into a Section 104 Agreement can vary depending on the complexity of the works and the location of the site. Severn Trent Water also has the right to request additional information or require changes to the plans if they don`t meet their standards.

In conclusion, a Section 104 Agreement is an essential legal agreement that ensures the sewer works for your property or connection meet Severn Trent Water`s technical specifications and will be adopted by the company. By understanding the basics of this agreement, you can ensure that your development or connection runs smoothly and efficiently.

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