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Uaw Ford Contract Highlights 2019 Pdf

The recent UAW Ford contract highlights for 2019 have been released in PDF format and have been generating a lot of buzz. The United Automobile Workers (UAW) and Ford Motor Company recently agreed to a new four-year contract that covers approximately 55,000 UAW-represented Ford employees in the United States. The new contract includes a variety of significant provisions that aim to benefit both workers and the company.

One of the key provisions in the 2019 UAW Ford contract highlights is a wage increase for all UAW-represented Ford employees. The contract stipulates that wages for all workers will increase by 3% in the first and third years of the contract, and by 4% in the second and fourth years of the contract. In addition to the wage increase, the contract also includes a $9,000 signing bonus for UAW-represented Ford employees.

Another important feature of the new UAW Ford contract is the creation of a health care cooperative that aims to help control health care costs for both Ford and its employees. The cooperative will be funded by both the company and the union, and it will allow Ford employees to have greater control over their health care choices.

The new UAW Ford contract also includes provisions related to job security and plant investments. The contract guarantees that there will be no plant closures or layoffs during the term of the contract, and it also includes a commitment from Ford to invest $6 billion in its U.S. manufacturing facilities.

Finally, the 2019 UAW Ford contract highlights also include provisions related to temporary workers and the use of outside contractors. The new contract will give temporary workers a path to permanent employee status, and it will also limit the number of outside contractors that Ford can hire.

Overall, the new UAW Ford contract highlights for 2019 are a positive development for both workers and the company. The contract includes significant wage increases, a new health care cooperative, job security guarantees, and investments in U.S. manufacturing facilities. These provisions should help to strengthen the partnership between Ford and its employees, and they demonstrate a commitment on both sides to a strong and sustainable future.

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